Work visa

Essential skills work category requirements

Please Note:Substantial policy changes from 17.08.2017-Refer to INZ web page for more details.

New requirements are needed. please refer to Immigration New Zealand web official web site

If you find a New Zealand employer offering you a  genuine employment under the new skilled category, then you can apply for a  work visa under the essential skills work category.

You must have the relevant qualification for the certain skill and/or the work experience relevant to the job offer.

You should get a salary that is above that certain occupation threshold in order to be consider a skill occupation.

Sometimes the New Zealand employer needs to conduct a labour market test in order to prove there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available to fill the position.

The general work visas usually given for a period of 1-5 years.


This visa has also the following categories:

  1. Immediate Skill Shortage List
    A work visa based on occupations shortage, suitable for any place where there is a shortage of applicants for these positions.
  2. Canterbury Skill Shortage List
    A work visa based on skills that are required in the Canterbury region in the Southern Island.

The emphasis in those work visas is on immediate filing of vacancies that are currently in short supply. These visas do not carry eligibility for an expedient resident visa procedure and they can be for various periods.

  • You can apply for a resident visa during this visa and take advantage of the high scores received for work in New Zealand.
  • This process is suitable for those who only need a short time for preparing and organizing the transition.
  • The process allows getting to know other regions of New Zealand for those who do not want to live only in Auckland.
  • You begin the mobility process with paid work and enter the country with income.