Work to residence visa

Working towards residence in New Zealand

Working temporarily in New Zealand can be used as a step towards gaining a residence visa and settling here permanently.

If your talents or skills are needed by New Zealand employers, or you have exceptional talent in the arts, culture or sports, you can apply for work in New Zealand under our Work to Residence category.

This visa has are three different categories

In addition to meeting the requirements for all applicants, you must meet the requirements of the category under which you are applying for a Work to Residence visa. The category in which you apply depends on your occupation and your circumstances.

1.    Long Term Skill Shortage List: If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, the category of your application depends on whether your occupation is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. Take a look at the Long Term Skill Shortage List to see if your occupation is one that is needed.

If your occupation is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, you may be eligible to apply under the Long Term Skill Shortage List Work category, designed for people with skills we that are identified as needed in New Zealand.

2.    Talent – Accredited Employers: If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer but your occupation is not on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, you may be able to apply under the Talent (Accredited Employers) Work category. This category is for people who have job offers from employers who are accredited to recruit staff from overseas.

3.    Talent: If you I have a recognized talent/ability in the arts, culture or sports, you may be eligible to apply under the Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work category

Requirements you must meet

In addition to meeting the requirements for health and good character you will need to prove the following:

  • you have an offer of employment which meets the requirements (see below)
  • you are suitably qualified through either training or experience to do the job
  • you are either fully or provisionally registered – if your occupation requires registration in New Zealand.

You should be under 53 years of age when you apply for the work visa. This is because you have to be under 56 years to be eligible for residence after two years.

Applying for a Residence from Work visa

If you have been working in New Zealand for at least two years after being granted a work visa under the Work to Residence Category, you can apply for residence under the Residence from Work Category.

Visa benefits:

  • After two years it’s possible to receive a resident visa in an expedited process for the whole family.
  • The procedure is suitable for those who wish a short time for getting organized for transition.
  • You begin your immigration process with a job and enter the country with an income.
    The family can join at a later stage after “preparing the ground”.