Permanent residency visas

Residency in New Zealand allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely, and specifically to receive most of the civil rights; you can purchase a property, work anywhere, come and go freely to and from New Zealand, open businesses, send children to any school and use health and social services.
After a residency of two years, you can switch to the status of a permanent resident, and after 5 years of compliance with visa conditions and commitment to New Zealand, receive citizenship and the right to a New Zealand passport.
Immigrants to New Zealand can obtain permanent residency under four main categories:

• SMC – Skilled Migrant Category visa – on the basis of professional qualifications
• Residence From Work visa mainly switching to a resident status after two years of a work visa
• Family and partners unification of New Zealand citizens
• New Zealand Investment and entrepreneurship visa in

New Zealand puts an emphasis on hiring candidates with required skills who are specialists in their field, in order to fill a permanent shortage in these positions and thus contribute to the economy and society in New Zealand.

The Immigration Authority wants to ensure that candidates posses most of the capabilities and skills that will help them acclimate quickly in New Zealand.dent can sponsor you to come to New Zealand if you are their Partner ,Parent or Dependent child.


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Skilled migrant visa

The SMC visa is the main pathway for skilled workers from overseas to become New Zealand residents. Points are awarded for factors such as a skilled job offer, qualifications, previous work experience, and age.

Partner and family categories

A family member who is already a New Zealand citizen or resident can sponsor you to come to New Zealand if you are their Partner ,Parent or Dependent child.