Frequently asked questions summary

Q: Why should I use Brain Mobility for work visa or immigration to New Zealand?

A: The process of applying for a resident or work visa is complex and requires expertise and specific professional and personal acquaintance with the destination country and its immigration laws.
Starting this process without consultation can result in unnecessary mistakes and complications due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the process.

Yair Oz is a licensed immigration consultant of the Immigration Advisers Association of New Zealand (IAA), and has a professional and academic licenses and certifications to engage in this field.

Q: Who provides most of the consultation to those who wish to immigrate or work in New Zealand?

A: Most often, the immigration area is covered by licensed immigration advisers.

Q: Can any attorney provide Immigration advice to New Zealand?

A: Definitely not.
According to the regulations and immigration laws of New Zealand, only licensed immigration advisers with a valid license from the Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand(IAA) are qualified to provide Immigration advice. Others who may provide consultation are qualified New Zealand lawyers who are duly registered and active members of the Bar Association of New Zealand, and qualified diplomats.
Consultation for visas such as work visas, resident SMC and investment visas from people who are not immigration advisers is a criminal offense and will result in the immediate rejection of the application.

Q: What are the chances of my application?

A: The chances of your application are very good, because our eligibility testing and interview procedures guarantee high chances to those who pass them and are found suitable.

Q: What are the costs involved in applying for SMC and work visa?

A: The cost for immigration visas consultation is ???.
Beyond this cost for immigration visas consultation there are additional visas costs such as:

  • Medical examinations
  • Various fees required by the immigration authority (depending on the type of visa)
  • NZQA Fees (comparison of diplomas, degrees and professional qualifications) if necessary
  • Notary translation costs
  • IELTS tests for the level of English if needed (SMC visa only)
  • Postal delivery

Q: Within what period of time do I have to arrive in New Zealand after receiving the resident visa on my passport?

A: You have to arrive in New Zealand within one year with the resident visas issued on your passport.

Q: Does an investment visa type 2 entitle you to invest in a business or open a franchise?

A: No. Investment visa only allows you to invest in an existing business and get investment rates without being involved in the management of the business. All that has to do with ongoing management of new or existing businesses is under the entrepreneurship visa of starting a business.

Q: Can I leave a job in the middle of the work visa period and look for a job with another employer?

A: Work visa includes the employer name, a description of the field of work and the workplace. Any change requires prior notice to the Immigration Authority of New Zealand. If you wish to leave an employer and look for a new employer during the visa’s work period, you must look for another job, and only after having another job offer you may apply with it to the INZ’s office for a variation of conditions for the visa. The new job offer must be in the same field of work.

Q: What happens if my work is terminated during the work visa period?

A: The reason for the dismissal should be discussed with the employer. In any case there should be an advance notice and the anticipated layoff should be reported to the nearest branch of INZ in advance, in order for them to make a temporary change in the visa, allowing you to look for another job.

Q: When you send your passport in the final stage of the SMC visa application, do you remain without a passport during all the waiting period and unable to travel outside the country?

A: No. The INZ Immigration Authority returns your passport as soon as possible via a courier after they check and verify it. Once the visa is approved you will have to send your passport again for stamping the visa.

Q: I received an offer from an employer defined as ACCREDITED. Can I switch to a regular employer during the visa period?

A: No. TALENT visas are only approved for employers who have the ACCREDITED status. You can obtain a job offer only from such an employer.

For a list of employers defined as Accredited Employers

Q: Is it possible to work in New Zealand without a valid work permit?

A: Absolutely not. If your work visa is not valid or adapted to the work for which the initial visa was approved, your stay in New Zealand is illegal (Unlawful Person) and you may be destined for deportation.

See a directive on the subkect: Information for people unlawfully in New Zealand