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Data contained herein are up-to-date and are taken from a tour of New Zealand in November 2014.
Prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and are priced for a family with 2 children.

Cities in New Zealand:


Auckland and the ITC industry:

Auckland concentrates 30% of the workforce in New Zealand and attracts many quality immigrants from around the world, who want to turn it into a center of entrepreneurship, innovation and information technology industries.

In 2015 Auckland was elected by the international research and rating firm Mercer as one of the three cities with the best quality of life in the world. See link:

Income tax rates for 2014-2015

Taxable income Income tax rates for every
$1 of taxable income
(excl. ACC earners’ levy)
PAYE rates for every
$1 of taxable income
(incl ACC earners’ levy – see “Note 1” below)
up to $14,000 10.5 cents 11.95 cents
from $14,001 to $48,000 17.5 cents 18.95 cents
from $48,001 to $70,000 30 cents 31.45 cents
$70,001 and over 33 cents 34.45 cents
No-notification – see “Note 2 below” 45 cents 46.45 cents

Examples of costs of living

Food and groceries
Food prices are considered relatively low compared to OECD countries.

Cars and car insurance
The cost of both new and used cars and car insurance is considered to be among the cheapest in the world.
Car licensing cost: 2004 and higher – US $ 40 per year. Below 2004 – US $ 75 per year.
Fuel – cheaper than most OECD countries

Apartments and houses rent costs taken from the Trademe site:
Prices range mostly from 1,500 NZD -2,500 NZD per month, depending on location, size, type, area, etc.
In New Zealand the number of rooms indicates number of bedrooms without the living room.
Houses are large and well equipped.

Municipal taxes and property taxes
depend on the location and size of the house, from 100 NZD to 300 NZD per month.

Electricity, gas and water
An average of NZ $ 200-250 per month.
New Zealand’s electricity sector is one of the most efficient and sophisticated in the Western world, and operates entirely on environment friendly and natural energy (thermal, wind, water). There are many companies, it is recommended to compare rates!


The media market in New Zealand is in the process of lowering prices.
Monthly cost is still determined by a monthly plan.
The average cost for an adult with 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited text and 4GB internet browsing is about 40 NZD per month. Cables – $ 48 a month (SKY) for a package of over 60 channels.

medical expenses and insurance
Medical expenses in the public system for children under 13 is free (including a visit to a doctor).
Hospitals and public health system are available to all residents and holders of work visas.
For completion, you may want to take out a private insurance, which is more comprehensive.
Chances are your employer will join you to a group insurance and you will only need to add a bit more in order to be eligible for the highest level of medical insurance including dental.

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