Why use a licensed immigration adviser?

New Zealand’s current law requires all immigration advisers providing immigration consultancy services to hold a valid license from the regulatory body called the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) unless they have an exemption. Authorized consultants must have high professional and personal capabilities, and they are required to stay updated and develop their professional knowledge in the field by regularly attending seminars and self-study.

Laws and regulations in the field of immigration in New Zealand are complex and constantly changing. Anyone interested in relocation or immigration will come across quite a few obstacles along the way; regulations that change, questioning, a complex points scoring system, documents and data verification requirements, etc.
To increase your chances of success in the process and save precious orientation time, you need an expert who tailors the process to the unique characteristics of the visa applicant, and match your personal constraints with the requirements of the immigration authorities.

Professional service: All licensed immigration advisers must conduct their business in accordance with the Professional Code of Ethics of the Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand.

Our consultancy license can be verified at the IAA site:

Please see the IAA publication on the importance of using a licensed immigration consultant

The PDF : http://www.iaa.govt.nz/docs/guide-licensed-advisers-print.pdf

Licensed immigration consultants / advisers must have a valid license from the Immigration Advisers Association (IAA) of New Zealand.

A licensed consultant can help with the following

  • Professionally review all types of possible visas for the candidate and choose the most appropriate.
  • Prepare the work visa application after the candidate received a job offer.
  • Provide information to help on arrival and settling down in New Zealand when it comes to lifestyle, work, study, or investment in New Zealand.
  • Assess whether an applicant can appeal a rejection of a visa application

In summary

It is recommended to contact an authorized immigration consultant to prepare on time all the necessary documents for approval of the visa by the immigration authority. There are generic work visa requirements such as medical examinations, certificate of good conduct and of course review and approval of all relevant professional documents.

Receiving a job offer when out of New Zealand requires the candidate to arrive within a given time frame to the new workplace. Most employers expect arrival not later than 3 months.

Candidates must take this into account, inform the rest of the family and inform the immigration consultant regarding the anticipated schedule, so he can prepare the documents accordingly.