Work visa flowchart

Threshold requirements:

Are you aged 27 to 54, healthy, with no criminal record and speak good English?

Are you willing to come to New Zealand alone or with your family within two and a half months from the moment you receive a job offer, or according to the time period the employer requires in the employment contract?


Are you aware of the costs that come with the relocation to New Zealand? Give it some thought!

Essential Skills in Demand:

Check whether your occupation or your principal professional training appear in one of the following lists:

Experience and registration:

Check whether you have a minimum of five years experience in your main occupation and if you need a provisional or full registration for it (if your occupation requires New Zealand registration by law to be undertaken).

Planning the visa application:

Have you checked in advance what a work visa application involves both for you as a candidate and for your spouse and children? What are the visa terms? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this visa? Is there another alternative?

Are you doing this yourself using the information provided on the website of the Immigration Authority, or hire an expert immigration consultant who holds an immigration advice license?

It is very important that your future employer or recruiter will know that you are aware of the visa application process and that you have a quick solution for it!

Job search and preparing a resume in a New Zealand format:

If you are outside New Zealand and you do not have a job yet, start looking for work. The right way to start is by preparing a resume in a New Zealand format, (see link), as well as preparing a cover letter with 100-150 words, which gives a brief summary of the highlights of your resume, your strengths and what you are looking for. This document is called a Cover Letter (see link).

At this point the search is entirely up to you. Your resume along with the cover letter can be sent directly to employers and employment agencies. (See link).

Skype interviews with employment agencies and employers:

If you have reached this stage - well done! Remember that you must continue to make an effort and show willingness at all stages of the process. Employers want to get an impression of you and know that they do not "buy a pig in a poke". At this stage you will certainly have a number of preliminary interviews over the phone or Skype with representatives of employment agencies, who will recommend you to employers.

You will also have Skype interviews with representatives of the potential employer's HR department and eventually with a professional representative in charge of your employment

Try to be at your best during the interview. Dress professionally and conduct the interview in a quiet environment without interference. Most importantly, during the interview try to be yourself and convey your professional knowledge and your personality with a smile. Emphasize how much you want and can take the step of moving to New Zealand. Show commitment, reliability and general knowledge of New Zealand and the employing company.

Receiving a job offer from an employer:

The moment has come to make the decision and sign a contract. We suggest that already in the advanced stages of the process of formulating the contract between the parties you will prepare all documents required for a work visa and involve your immigration consultant in the process to guide you. Make sure that the terms of the contract meet the requirements of the requested visa.

Preparation of the work visa within a short time:

At this point you must comply with the visa requirements of the INZ Immigration Authority, collect all necessary documents, carry out medical examinations and issue a certificate of good conduct from the local police. All accompanying documents must be attached to the official application form of the immigration authority, and sent by courier with your passport to the office of the INZ - New Zealand Immigration Authority in the area where you will live.As mentioned above, you can do it yourself or through an licensed immigration adviser.



You received the coveted visa on the passport. All that's left is to organize and arrange the trip to New Zealand together with the other family members. Collect as much as possible of your personal documents and those of your family members who move with you to New Zealand, in order to facilitate the process of acclimatization and allow, if you choose to do it later, to file a resident visa application. Please ask your immigration consultant which documents to collect.


Good Luck!!!