Recruitment agency for immigrants

A unique talent agency for people who would like to settle in New Zealand


Brain Mobility would like to help you maximize your immigration potential by finding qualifying New Zealand employment.

Brain Mobility collaborating with a successful recruitment company located in New Zealand to offer you personalized job search assistance which includes the following:

  • Producing a tailor-made Employment Plan to help you find a job in New Zealand
  • Improving your CV and cover letter to increase your chances for a job interview
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile to help you effectively network in New Zealand’s job market
  • Promoting you to employers in New Zealand in order to help you get a job interview
  • Providing you with interview coaching so you will be better prepared for the job interview

Once you receive a qualifying offer of skilled employment in New Zealand, you will be in a strong position to apply for immigration to New Zealand.

Brain Mobility licensed Immigration Adviser can then guide you with confidence during the New Zealand visa application process, make sure that all of your forms are prepared and submitted correctly to INZ, and answer questions that you may have throughout the procedure.

In order to increase your chances in finding a job let QLNZ help you.

QLNZ experts will work alongside with you to support your journey to find employment by developing a plan of action with clear steps, taking all aspects of your life into account, and tailoring how you present yourself to New Zealand employers.  We will guide you through the job application process and help you navigate New Zealand’s employment market.

QLNZ will:

  • Modify your CV to New Zealand employer’s expectations, assisting with cover letter formats
  • Help you expand your network in New Zealand using LinkedIn
  • Provide interview coaching so you know what to expect and how to present yourself to prospective employers
  • Actively promote you to employers in industries that interest you, and for roles that motivate you work hard to increase your opportunities for employment and because of this, we help to change people’s lives every day.

QLNZ business is based on real life experience of people who have successfully immigrated from around the world – many of their consultants are themselves immigrants.  This knowledge provides the framework to deliver exemplary customer service and get real results.

You can contact Leah at: or call: +64-21-081 18989